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50-year-old Forrester Gravesande on Monday, December 07, 2020, pleaded not guilty to the April 09, 2017 murder of his neighbour Courtney Porter. Gravesande was brought before Justice Navndra Singh and a 12-person jury. His trial continues tomorrow at 9 am at the High Court in Georgetown.

The murder accused of Jonestown, Mahaicia, East Coast Demerara is being represented by Attorney-at-Law Dexter Todd, while the case for the prosecution is being presented by State Counsel Teriq Mohammed.

According to reports, Porter, a 49-year-old father was three, was allegedly beaten by Gravesande with a piece of wood. Reports are that Gravesande had accused the now dead man of pulling his wife’s clothing. Following the beaten, Gravesande fled the scene and was captured in Police ‘F’ Division.

Porter was hospitalized for more than two weeks before succumbing to his injuries. An autopsy revealed that he sustained a fractured skull and neck. His cause of death was given as brain haemorrhage due to blunt force trauma.





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