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Former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defense Force (GDF), Rear Admiral Gary Best was this afternoon freed of the charge which alleged that he caused the death of former national cyclist, Jude Bentley in an accident earlier this year. 

The case was dismissed by City Magistrate Rondel Weever, who upheld a no-case submission made by Best’s lawyers Nigel Hughes, Ronald Daniles and Sophia Findlay.

A few weeks ago, Hughes presented a no-case submission to the court in which he called for the matter to be dismissed on the ground that the prosecution had failed to prove the elements of the offence. 

The presiding Magistrate had adjourned the mater to decide on the evidentiary threshold of the prosecution’s case and to consider the no-case submission.

On Thursday, Magistrate Weever ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that Best was driving dangerously and therefore dismissed the case.

In an interview with reporters, Best expressed that he was happy at the outcome of the case. He said that it has been proven that he was not responsible for Bentley’s death.

Best of Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara (ECD), has pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleges that on February 08, 2020 at Clive Lloyd Drive, ECD, he drove motor car PRR 812, in a manner dangerous to the public, causing the death of Bentley. He was released on $500,000 bail after denying the charge.

He was also charged for driving under the influence. On that charge, he was granted self-bail. According to reports, Bentley, 41, was struck down and killed by a vehicle driven by Best, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. 

The accident took place at Clive Lloyd Drive near the Russian Embassy turn in Georgetown. Following the accident, Best had stated that he regrated the unfortunate incident and extended condolences to Bentley’s family.

Best is an Executive Member of the PNC/R and former Presidential Advisor under the APNU/AFC Government.


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