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President Irfaan Ali announced that all healthcare workers will receive a two-week equivalent bonus pay before the end of the year as part of Government’s response to the pandemic. 

He said that all healthcare workers will be classified as ‘frontline workers’.

”Some months ago, almost as soon as we assumed office, there was a strike among nurses;  in addressing that strike I said we all have democratic rights, but we also have a duty and an oath depending on what career we take.” The President said.

He further noted, “I promised that the government will address this issue before the end of the year. And we also backed that promise up by setting aside $150 million in the budget to support these professionals in the pandemic.”

President Ali noted that initially the health officials were trying to decide on how to differentiate between frontline workers and those who are second or third line workers.

“We have been able to cut programmes and to find additional resources beyond the $150 million. And this afternoon I want to say that we will consider every healthcare professional as frontline.”  the President said.


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