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Guyana for decades has been divided by racism. There are many reasons for this, for example politics and religious intolerance. One of the top suggestions has always been for both sides of the political sphere to meet and begin to have what could be promising discussions.

But could an upcoming forum be the start to the road of healing in Guyana?

The Ethnic Relations Commission has extended an invitation to Guyana’s Head of State Irfaan Ali and Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon for them to join and engagement which could see some amount of change in Guyana

Neither of the two has signaled their intention to be part of this forum scheduled for December 14. It is the intention of the ERC to have the discussion done live on television.

“This is vital to this process especially since they represent the largest bloc of our population. Guyanese are invited to participate and the links to join, will be provided in advance,” the commission noted.

The general intent of the event is to have frank and open discussions to capture diverse views on factors that impede ethnic harmony. Recommendations will be made for the compilation of a report, which will then be submitted to the National Assembly and relevant stakeholders for implementation.


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