Within the space of 48 hours, two women became victims of domestic violence. The issue of domestic violence has been tackled from the level of government and has become a social responsibility of various non-governmental organizations.

While there hasn’t been any official and immediate statistics released on how many women and men were murdered during this year, from all indications, the fuel for most of these incidents are alleged infidelity.

Manager of the Gender Affairs Bureau Adel Lily is imploring men to become more vocal on the issue of domestic violence with the hope of raising awareness and preventing gender-based violence.

I think we need more men to talk about that. We need more men to publicly speak out and be a voice… so I think in those areas yes men can do more. Lily said.

According to Lily, there is a misconception with regards to the notion of “men building men.” He noted that while it is not highly publicized, it is in fact a reality.

Men are doing this in a large scale. Most men are speaking out and most men are involved, in these things… they are but there is this perception that men are not and I believe on a large measure, men are doing that. Lily said.

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