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Eustace Griffith, who was accused of the July 04, 2016 fatal stabbing of a vagrant was on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 freed after a no-case submission was upheld by trial judge Navindra Singh.

Griffith had pleaded not guilty to the charge at the start of his trial at the High Court in Demerara. It was alleged that he murdered 45-year-old Steven Dexter Arthur at Hadfield Street, Georgetown. 

Following the close of the prosecution’s case by State Counsel Tyra Bakker, defence lawyer, Maxwell McKay made a no-case submission. 

Justice Singh upheld the no-case submission and therefore instructed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty, acquitting Griffith of the murder.

According to reports, Arthur of Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara was stabbed to the stomach during an altercation with Griffith.

Based on reports, the men were involved in a fight after Arthur threw a banana peel at Griffith. During the scuffle, Griffith armed himself with a knife and stabbed Arthur. 

Following the fight, the murder accused ran into the Brickdam Police Station where he was arrested. Reports are that Arthur was a drug abuser who did odd jobs around the Bourda Market.


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