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The million dollar question remains, who killed Isaiah Henry, Joel Henry and Haresh Singh?

Local detectives remain at a standstill with regards to finding those responsible for the murder of the teenagers. Despite help from its regional counterparts, police have not come up with any substantial evidence which could possibly lead to the long-awaited arrest of the suspects.

On the political side of things, it seems politicians have taken two different approaches in an effort to solving the murders. On Monday, Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon suggested that funds be raised to invite a highly specialized team of investigators from Argentina. The PPP/C administration had also reviewed the option of inviting its Argentinian counterparts.

The Opposition Leader claimed that the Government’s move to take a different direction is worrying, especially since promises were made to the families of the three youth.

“Irfaan Ali, your credibility is on the line again here. You said you will leave no stone unturned. Leave no stone unturned and if you don’t want to pay, then we will pay for the people come, but you must ensure that when they get here the Police makes available to them all the information that you have”, Harmon said.

Meanwhile, according to Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, the government will no longer be needed the services of the team from Argentina and Spain. According to Benn, the administration is looking for help from its British, US, and Canadian counterparts.

“Those are the ones we normally resort to and those are the ones we will resort to… We have no particular preference to go outside the normal lines of engagement which we have in relation to these matters,” Benn said.


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