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There is always the likelihood of accidents occurring when roads are wet. Last week, the driver of the motorcar seen here lost control of his vehicle while trying to swerve from a pool of water accumulated on the roadway.

According to the police, it was while losing control on the wet roadway that he ended hitting a pedal cyclist before crashing into a park lorry. That vehicle exploded and ended destroying the other lorry. Thankfully there were no fatalities.

According to Coordinator of the Guyana Road Safety Council Ramona Doorgen, danger always looms when roadways are wet. She reminded drivers that there special precaution must be taken on the roadways.

“Another thing we have to look at is our tires, we have to make sure our tires are not smooth, they are capable of handling the wet roads… that stop the cars it’s the tires.” Doorgen said.

Doorgen noted that four-lane roads are not considered highways and as such speeding is not advised on wide roads. Despite this, she urged drivers to drive at a slower pace to prevent accidents from occurring.

“The only gazetted highway we have in this county is the Linden Soesdyke. And the other rest of roads are not highways, they were not roads designated for speeding. They were four land roads made with specific speed limits.” She noted.


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