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Responding to a letter of demand from Hon. Roysdale Forde SC, MP, the Clerk of National Assembly, Mr. Sherlock Isaacs, under extreme pressure today made available documents concerning Oneidge Waldron dual citizenship status. The renunciation certificate establishes beyond any doubt the clear dates pertinent to Waldron’s renunciation of her United States citizenship. Waldron is in vulgar and knowing violation of constitution of Guyana.

It has now become clear and indisputable that at the time she was sworn in as Minister on August 5th and as a Member of Parliament on September 1st she was a dual citizen and therefore ineligible to be a member of the National Assembly and therefore ineligible to be a minister.

She has been encouraged, aided and abetted in this breach by Irfaan Ali, Bharrat Jagdeo, Anil Nandlall and Gail Teixeira.

There is only one course of action now for Waldron and that is for her to vacate the ministry and vacate the National Assembly. Nothing less will be acceptable.

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls for the immediate resignation of Waldron as a Minister of Government and for fraud charges to be instituted against her and the Speaker of the National Assembly.

This latest scandal adds to the mountain of evidence highlighting the fraudulent nature of the PPP regime which was installed into government on the basis of fraud. The Elections Petitions will establish this without equivocation.


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