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Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes on Wednesday issued a response to the Guyana Police Force with regards to statements made during a recent press conference with the family of Joel and Isaiah Henry.

Here is his full statement below:

“ I am impressed with the alacrity with which the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has found it possible to respond to statements made during the press conference held by the Henry family yesterday.

Perhaps if the same diligence , commitment and speed had been applied to the investigation of the murders of the young Henry boys we might all have been in a different place today.

I have no doubt that the GPF noted the presence of the immediate relatives of Joel and Isaiah Henry at the press conference and it was with their full prior informed consent and on their behalf that all statements were made at the Press conference.

My personal hope is that the necessity for press conferences and press releases can be obviated by a successful conclusion of the investigation leading to the prosecution and conviction of those responsible.

I believe that the Henrys have suffered enough than to now have to be burdened with lectures from law enforcement agencies who are unable to solve a rural crime.”




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