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The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) condemns in the strongest terms the operations of illegal miners in the Iwokrama area. The GGDMA calls on the relevant authorities to root out these illegal miners.

No effort must be spared, and all resources of the enforcement agencies must be brought to bear against those who encroach and disturb areas that are protected, restricted, and outside of the mining zone.

The GGDMA supports the rights of miners and will continue to advocate for miners’ rights but it will not tolerate, support, or encourage illegal mining. Everyone must respect the protected areas of Guyana and restricted zones.

The Association will continue to work with the mining authorities to help stem the scourge of illegal mining which not only deprives the country of revenue but also encourages some of the worst mining practices and illegal activities.

We call on all miners to respect the mining regulations in place and to work with the authorities to help improve the industry. Illegal mining must end. Protected areas must be respected.


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