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Guyana is embarking on a mission to purchase four helicopters from the US State Department. Guyana is seeking to purchase two Bell 412 and two Bell 429 helicopters.

In a statement, it stated that Guyana, “requested to buy two (2) Bell 412EPi Light Utility Helicopters with customer-unique modifications; two (2) Bell 429 Light Utility Helicopters with customer-unique modifications and two (2) WESCAM MX-10 cameras.”

The statement further stated,mission equipment; contractor-provided pilot and maintainer training; particular ground support equipment; spares; publications; integrated product support; technical assistance; transportation; Repair and Return; and other related elements of logistics and program support.

The total estimated program cost is $256 million. The US Government said that the proposed sale of the Bell 412EPi and 429 helicopters will improve Guyana’s capability to meet current and future threats, for example border security.

“Guyana will use the enhanced capability to strengthen its homeland defense; conduct maritime surveillance, patrol, and interdiction; counter-narcotic trafficking and transnational criminal organizations; deter regional threats, and support coalition partners overseas.” The statement.


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