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You know it’s Christmas when you see representatives from the Salvation Army with their red kettles and the ringing of the famous silver bells, soliciting donations at key spots of the city. Donating to the Salvation Army during the festive season has become a Guyanese tradition and even more so, the organization is hoping to raise more to help those hit the hardest during the pandemic.

Today the religious group launched its annual kettle drive which is usually conducted in two main forms. Donations are either collected via the kettles or by mail. The donations collected during the kettle and mail appeals are used to prepare hampers for the less fortunate during the Christmas season, in addition to funding its daily feeding program and rehabilitation center.

According to Guyana’s Head of State Dr. Irfaan Ali, there is more to the Salvation Army than what most Guyanese already know. He noted that the religious organization transcended religious beliefs and became a catalyst for social development.

President Ali said, “You are an important link and asset in any society. And the work you have been doing in Guyana, in restoring hope to so many where hope was lost.”

Former Magistrate and now Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce Oneidge Walrond recounted that it was the same Salvation Army who helped many youths to be reintegrated back into society. She said,  “I would have mother come up to me just recently at Beacon and say thank you for not sending my son to prison but to send him to the salvation army drug rehabilitation program and he’s now a productive member of society.”


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