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With immediate effect, the Government of Guyana terminated the contract of the now Former Head of the Special Purpose Unit Colvin Heath-London. London is one of several persons who in recent times were fired by the Government for various reasons.

London was responsible for the privatization and divestment of assets of the GUYSUCO and was later tasked with the responsibility of performing duties of the Chief Executive Officer NICIL.

The Government said that in reviewing the work of Heath-London, they found “illegalities and serious failureswhich have had a detrimental effect on the Government’s and NICIL’s business”.

“His actions also amount to a breach of the fiduciary duties and duty of care owed to NICIL imposed by the relevant provisions of the Companies Act 1991 and generally, warranting his immediate termination,” the Government noted.

Among the various reason, the Government found to terminate Heath-London, it said that “London’s failure to properly perform his duties and referenced transgressions constitute serious misconduct and dereliction of duty generally, not only breaching applicable laws and violating policies established by the Government and NICIL, but causing NICIL and the Government to lose millions of dollars.”


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