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According to the Government Analyst – Food and Drugs Department, the plant was recommended for a license to continue manufacturing in 2020 and beyond. The department said it will therefore issue a Licence / Permit to manufacture. The site visit and inspection follow on the heels of the Department acquiring accreditation status. The ‘Morning Glory’ factory and its products will be affixed with an A2LA Logo.

“It is the Department’s hope that this product will soon be exported from Guyana and again the
Department will be eager to facilitate such export with the requisite Free Sale Certificate (FSC)
with the Guyana and A2LA accreditation stamp which among other things will attest to the
Morning Glory Inc. Compliance with the local regulatory authority.”
The department said.

The team from the GA-FDD said it was impressed with the layout, cleanliness, available records, and general condition of the factory. Only minor violations were observed with the factory since, environmental conditions, processing, and staff records were perused to the satisfaction of the team.

“Samples were taken and submitted for the analyst (Yeast and Mold, Moisture, and Water activity levels all parameters that will further demonstrate the satisfactory conditions of the morning glory factory and product.” The Department said.



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