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It seems from all indications that the two election petitions filed by the Opposition will be heard together. This was among several issues raised before the courts as the case management hearing at the High Court got underway on Thursday before Chief Justice Roxanna George.

In a press conference earlier this week, Attorney-at-Law Roysdale Forde estimated that the petitions would be heard separately; providing a timeframe that would take over a year to complete. But the Chief Justice on Thursday in analyzing the petitions suggested that they both be heard together citing that they in essence challenge the validity of the elections.

The lawyers in the case however made submissions to the court. Senior Counsel Roysdale Forde explained that witnesses in the case may not lead the evidence. He noted that the use of affidavits and exhibits on file will be needed.

Attorney at Law Mayo Robertson explained said the petitioner is of the belief that the Guyana Elections failed to conduct transparent elections; which he claimed gave the current administration the victory at the March 2 elections.

“We are going to ask that the results of the elections be set aside after the court makes declarations that the irregularities were found to exist in the conduct of elections and therefore vitiated the entire process,” Robertson said.

Senior Counsel Douglas Mendez, who represents Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo contended that his client, was not properly served the petitions. Mendez submitted that VP Jagdeo was not served a copy of the petitions and as such the entire petition a nulled.

The parties will meet again on November 24.


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