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Sports: When it’s time to get back to outdoor sporting events, Archery Guyana is looking forward to the thrilling game being outdoors again. Like most outdoor and indoor sports, the current regulations prohibit these activities.

On Wednesday, in an interview with the Guyana Ledger about the sport post Covid or during the Covid Era, Secretary General of Archery Guyana Vidushi Persaud McKinnon said, “there are currently a lot of Guidelines and safe precautions that they will have to take when they actually resume and when its lawful to resume since Guyana National guidelines that states they will be no sporting events during this period. And at this stage they are things we are working on like recommendations that we have issue to Archery Guyana.”

Some of the guidelines adopted would be the normal protocol of washing your hands and sanitizing. mask would be mandatory. Cleaning of equipment like the bow, arrows and quiver must be done with appropriate disinfectant. Targets should be a minimum of 2 meters apart and every arch should have their own target and if they are closer than two meters, then plans are being in place to alternate the target to ensure social distancing Persaud said.

There also different plans for organizing training and competitions moving forward with the body pulling off a virtual competition with another competition in pipe line soon.



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