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Some of the discrepancies found at this years CXC examinations were due to negligence on the part of teachers locally. According to the Education Ministry, an analysis of the situation proves that the late submission of SBAs hampered with the end results of students.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand on Tuesda said, “I don’t believe anything crookish was done, I don’t believe they were mistakes made, I think what happened there was a shock to the system educationally across the region and that was not properly considered in the sitting of the exams and in the setting of the exams.

The Education Ministry said it will be holding teachers more accountable and at a higher level for their students’ performance.

Minister Manickchand said “We are talking about people’s future here and we cannot allow sloppiness. We have children here who should have been going in colleges and universities and we have them stalled up now so this is a huge impact.”

CXC recently completed an internal review to determine the reason behind the region-wide outcry over discrepancies with the 2020 examination results.



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