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The Government has expressed deep concern with regards to home invasion at the residence of the Chief Justice Roxane George by a bandit armed with a toy gun.

“The Government condemns the said attempted attack in the strongest possible terms and views this as the latest assault on democracy in our country of which the Judiciary forms one of its cornerstones. Such actions can only emanate from those who are fearful of the Constitution, the rule of law and sound rulings from the Judiciary.” The GOV’T said.

The Government said it had already advised the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to ensure that the Chief Justice is provided with all the necessary security for the protection of her person, family and property.

“It is as tragic as it is unsurprising that the Opposition APNU+AFC would use such a grave matter as an attack on the Chief Justice of our country as a platform to play their petty and devious politics by implicating the PPP/C in such a dastardly design without a scintilla or shred of evidence. It is only a demented mind that can produce such depraved thinking.” The PPP said.

The administration further stated, “It shows the level of desperation and low depths to which the APNU+AFC is prepared to descend. But then again, the world saw their vulgarity showcased for 5 long months from 2nd March 2020, to 2nd August 2020, as they attempted to disgracefully steal the 2020 National and Regional Elections.”

It noted that the PPP/C Government has nothing to fear from either of the two Election Petitions filed and “we have already stated that they are frivolous, vexatious and as without merit as every other legal proceedings APNU+AFC have filed in recent times.”





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