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The opposition says the home invasion of Chief Justice’s residence is “a desperate PPP attempt to thwart hearing of Elections Petition”

While condemning the acts, the APNU+AFC coalition said it is alarmed by reports that gunmen showed up at the residence of Chief Justice Roxann George-Wiltshire; one day before the case management for the Elections Petition is to be conducted.

“This is an extremely troubling development and it appears as though the challenged PPP regime has upped the ante to engage in criminal conduct in their quest to thwart the Elections Petitions being heard. The PPP regime is the only party that is desperate for the hearing of the Elections Petitions to be delayed and thus has ample motive for executing such a vile and intimidatory act on the eve of the case management hearing.” The opposition said.

The opposing side claimed that from al indications, it appears to be a clear attempt to intimidate the Chief Justice. The party implored the Chief Justice not to “bow to such intimidation.”

We call on the Guyana Police Force and the state to provide heightened 24 hour security for the Chief Justice to ensure her safety and protection and that she is able to proceed with the case management and hearing of the Elections Petitions without hindrance.” The party said.





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