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Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon claimed that numerous complaints have been filed to his office from residents of Regions 1, 6, 7 and 9 about the distribution of governments COVID-19 relief, “that is mainly of prejudice and discrimination that of the COVID-19 household relief fund.”

Some of the complaints mentioned by the Hon. Joseph Harmon entailed, distributions being done in villages and areas which would be deemed as PPP stronghold.

He added that in areas which are predominantly supported by the opposition, are subjected to “demands”, which entails households providing proof of ownership of the building or property where ever the individual(s) resides.

He further alleged that persons in charge of distribution are being paid as much as $200,000 per person. “These distribution agents, NDC councilors and distribution coordinators are said to be PPP activists.” Harmon said.

The Opposition leader insisted to the media that APNU+AFC MP’s and community organizations are investigating these occurrences and will “highlight these corrupt practices for future actions.”

A statement from the Covid-19 Grant Office noted that “Clearly identified distribution clerks under the supervision of officials from the Ministry of Finance will visit each household, ascertain the credentials of the householder after which distribution will be done on a house-to-house basis.”

It added that in cases where there are multiple households in a home, only the principal householder will receive the cash grant in the first instance.

“The other households in these cases will be required to provide their information on a pink form. After the information is verified, those households will receive their $25,000 cash grant.” the unit said.


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