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Mayor of Georgetown Pandit Ubraj Narine through a statement on Friday cautioned Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill that he nor his ministry has no authority to remove several vendors in the Stabroek Market square.

The Ministry of Public Works in a press release today, 16th October, 2020 explained that Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn and Minister Edghill have signalled their intentions to remove vendors from various areas in Stabroek Market.

The Ministry of Public works cannot remove Vendors without proper consultation from the Mayor and City Council, Vendors Union and the Vendors themselves. You cannot take away Vendors ‘bread’ and ‘butter’ by removing them without a carefully thought through plan. It is unfair to these Vendors if you wish to abruptly move them off the streets, while they are trying to provide for their families.” The mayor said.

He noted that on Wednesday, 13th August, 2020, “I mentioned to Minister Benn, the Fire stations need to be relocated to an area where they can immediatly respond to emergencies. The Stabroek Market is a heavy commercial area with an immense amount of traffic and it is not suitable for a Fire Station.”

The mayor added that Covid-19 has already affecting many citizens and Guyana’s economy, “it is unfair that Vendors must be treated this way. As Mayor of the City of Georgetown, I will stand to support the Vendors. With that said, no Vendors will be removed until proper consultation is made.”

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