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During the Opposition’s weekly press briefing, Member of Parliament Attorney-at-Law Roysdale Forde said that as the case management hearing is slowly approaching, the party is adamant that once all the necessary timeframes are set, the petitions are expected to be heard in the most reasonable timeframe.

Forde expressed the opinion that the petition, once heard by the courts, will substantiate the claims of the opposition that the current administration was ‘illegally installed’ into government. There are currently two petitions before the court. Both petitions challenge the validity of the declaration of the March 2 elections. The second petition is expected to last a little longer according to Forde.

The opposition MP expressed the opinion that in his personal estimation, the first petition should take no longer than three to six months before a conclusion is brought to the matter.

However, when asked by The Guyana Ledger about the possibility of the case being prolonged beyond his estimated timeframe, Forde said, “The coalition will be very vigilant in paying attention to the timelines and any possibility of delay or protraction in the hearing of these petitions.”

Election Petitions usually take years before it comes a conclusion. Forde was asked about what makes the two petitions different from the ones that were filed years ago, even by the current administration.

“I assume beyond a case management point, that they have to be heard day to day, continuously, and it must be properly heard and determined. So, I believe that there is little room… for protraction.” Forde noted.



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