Police are investigating a murder of 16 year-old Jumal Park called “Cherio”, of lot 162 Nonpareil Street, Albouystown.

The incident occurred on 13th October, 2020 about 10:05 hrs, at Front Road, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

It was allegedly committed by a 19 year old male labourer of Hunter Street, La Penitence, an 18 year old unemployed male of West Ruimveldt along with a 17 year old unemployed male of La Penitence.

Enquiries disclosed that the victim was at work at Wanita Wash Bay located at Front Road, West Ruimveldt.

He was washing a car when the 19 year old, armed with a knife, and the two others armed with pieces of wood approached the wash bay, called him out to fight and began advancing towards him.

The victim as a result ran south into a yard where he was stabbed to the left side of his chest and to his right upper arm by the 19 year old, while the other suspects lashed him with the wood.

The victim, after being injured, ran into the house of the said yard through an open southern door and fell on the kitchen floor.

The owner of the house, who was at home at the time, having heard the commotion went and stood at his southern door to prevent the suspects from entering and in the process he was stabbed on the left wrist by the 19 year old.

The Suspects then made good their escape running west on Front Road, West Ruimveldt and north on Hunter Street to an unknown direction.

The Victim was taken to Georgetown Public hospital by the home owner where he was pronounced dead at 10:30hrs by a Doctor on duty.

The body was checked and a stabbed wound was seen to the left side of his chest and his upper right hand.

The body of Jumal Park is currently at the Georgetown Public hospital mortuary awaiting Post Mortem Examination.

The 18 year old suspect was arrested and is in custody. Efforts are ongoing to arrest the other two suspects as investigations continue.

One comment

  1. Barbarism !
    Is death penalty still in force ?

    If not life sentance ! Life means life !

    Most on life sentance in UK are usually “suicidal” (mentally disturbed) with authorities looking
    other way. Euthanasia will soon be
    legalised here in UK.

    Sad loss of such a youthful life in such tragic circumstances.

    Disgraceful !



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