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The police say that relative to the murder of Dimas Emilia Lezama Fermin, the Venezuelan National, the suspect Joshua Connell was escorted to the Bartica Police Station where a caution statement was obtained from him.

He admitted that on the night of the murder he raped the deceased at her camp and in the process strangled her with his hands as she resisted after which he threw her body in a pit aback the camp.

The police said that during the month of May 2020, the body of one Rosella Smith was found in a pit at 3 miles Karrau Backdam. A PME later revealed that she had died from Asphyxiation due to Drowning compounded by compression injuries to Neck.

The suspect was questioned in relation to this murder and admitted via caution statement to having choked the deceased and throwing her body in the pit after they had gotten into an argument over some raw gold that she allegedly stole from him.

On October 12, the accused Joshua Connell who was charged with two counts of Murder Contrary to Common Law appeared at Bartica Magistrate’s Court via zoom before Her Worship Miss Christel Lambert where the indictable charges were read to him. He was not required to plea and was remanded to prison.

Both cases are postponed to the 17th of December, 2020 for report.


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