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Police are investigating a fatal accident which occured about 06:45 hours on October 9 at Chateau Margot Public Road, East Coast Demerara involving Motor Car # PEE 3030 owned driven by 25 year-old Kevin Persaud, a mechanic of lot 8 Goedverwating, East Coast Demerara and Motor Cycle # CF 7915 owned and driven by 52 year-old Lionel Brower, a Security Guard at Demerara Bank, East Coast Branch and of lot 100 Bachelors Adventure, East Coast Demerara.

“Enquiries disclosed that the motor cycle was proceeding east on the southern side of the road with the car proceeding in the said direction at a very fast rate and without explanation collided into the rear of the motor cycle.” The police said.

Travis Chase photo

After the collision, the driver of the car lost control and ended up in a canal on the northern side of the road. The motor cycle ended up on the southern driveway. The driver of the motor cycle ended up about 100 feet east on the southern side of the road.

Both drivers received injuries about their bodies and were picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the Police where they were seen and examined by a doctor on duty and pronounced dead.

The bodies are currently at Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting Post Mortem Examination.


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