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Since its introduction into the Guyanese market Ariel has been giving back to its consumers and this year is no different as four lucky persons will have a chance to win $500,000 Guyana dollars

Business Unit Head of P&G, Padma Kunjbeharry in her opening at the launched of the promotion on Friday noted that Ansa McAl likes to give back to its customers, and this year the Company knows that things are tight with persons and they are a strap for cash, so this year Ariel decide to do a Christmas cash promotion.

Kunjbeharry added that the promotion will have four drawings with the final drawing on the 18th of December with the closing date of the promotion on the 11th of December.

The promotion Brand Coordinator Atina Samad echoed the same sentiments about Ariel and how important it is to give back to their customers as she encourages customers to grab a pack of Ariel and have a chance to win the half a million dollars. 

All participates have to do to enter the promotion is to submit any packet of the Ariel soap powder expect for the 95-gram packet with your name, telephone number, and address at any leading supermarket.


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