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Director of the Government Analyst – Food and Drugs Department Dr. Marlan Cole explained that there has so far been an increase in partnership between the department, manufactures and distributors.

The department reported that a total of 50 substandard over the counter and herbal preparation drugs were encountered this year. Over 35 prescription drugs were also intercepted during 2020.

“There is some operators that continue to be none compliant because of the way they do business. And in the interest of the consumer, we have to intervene with enforcement activities.” Dr. Cole noted.

Dr. Cole noted that in some cases this year, importers were not aware of what they were importing. He noted however that in other instances, enforcement had to be executed on some other distributors and importers.

“In other cases intervention be limited to notification and voluntary removal of a substandard product but the very importer or distributor, might be totally oblivious to the facts and circumstances of…. is substandard.” He noted.

He noted also that in most cases, once the substandard drugs are brought to the intention of the distributor, there is full compliance to the regulation.


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