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Former Minister within the Ministry of Public Health Dr. Karen Cummings, during a virtual press conference, called out the Dr. Irfaan Ali led regime on Wednesday, for what she deems as a blatant disregard and lackluster approach towards to the COVID-19 pandemic which has already claimed the lives of 80 Guyanese.

Dr. Cummings noted that from all indications, there is no effective plan or strategy to combat the pandemic, despite the government’s efforts to establish mechanism to speed up testing. She noted that the government was “fool-hearty” to abandoned the APNU-AFC’s administrations plan, which she claimed was effective.

She advised Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony, to have a multisectoral approach towards their efforts of reducing the increasing death rate. She however blamed the administrations “lack of foresight” for the increase in deaths.

“The National Reference Lab continues to face stark challenges with testing for COVID-19. These challenges stem from a lack of HR… and the updating of the lab’s database, with the results rather than finding solutions, rather than protect the health of the public.” Dr. Cummings said.

Minister of Health. Dr. Frank Anthony

The Opposition MP further noted that the current plan would result in disaster. She pointed out that health care workers are dissatisfied. Dr. Cummings said the Minister of Health is out of touch with reality.

She added, “The Ministry of Health has resorted to home isolation, as their default mechanism for the prevention of the spread and treatment of COVID-19. While ocean view, and the diamond isolation unit are significantly below occupancy.”


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