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Had the APNU-AFC Government remained in power, the risk allowance for health care professionals would have been substantial. This is according to Opposition MP Tabitha Sarabo-Haley during a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

The former Minister of Public Service revealed that the APNU+AFC government was actively considering with the Ministry of Finance a substantial $100,000 allowance request from the Ministry of Public Health for health care workers.

She however claimed that after the change of government on August 2nd, the proposal was disregarded by the current administration and replaced with “a meagre $5000” one-off allowance for health care workers.

Healthcare workers protesting at GPHC on Tuesday.

“President Irfaan Ali went to great pains to speak to the UN on financing in the area of COVID-19 and beyond, on the ground the PPP regime has placed little emphasis on what needs to be done to reduce the number of persons infected and affected by COVID-19.” Sarabo-Haley said.

The former minister also chastised the government for informing public servants of the resumption of normal working hours. This she said places public servants of contracting the virus.

“To suggest to Public servants that work will recommence as per normal while pretending that the significant increase in covid 19 cases does not matter can only suggest that the alternative task force that the PPPc regime had in place prior to August 2nd was another deceitful attempt by this illegitimate government to cause the citizens of this country to believe that they have a better plan to deal with this COVID 19 pandemic.” The MP said.


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