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The Guyana Police Force Traffic Department revealed that so far for this year, more than 100 persons died as a result of several different categories of accidents. The figures so far have surpassed the figures from 2019. In total there are so far 111 deaths on the roadways.

Coordinator of the Guyana Road Safety Council Ramona Doorgen explained that the statistics so far is appalling and implored road users to do more bring a halt to road fatalities.

“If we don’t fix and come together as holistically and fix the problem then we are going to continue to continue to see figures like these… enforcement is the most important thing and if we don’t enforce the COVID measures in every area of the country.”

Traffic Chief Pasram Ashram acknowledged that most of the accidents that involved pedestrians and in some cases motorist. He noted that within the last two weeks, the east coast main access road has claimed three lives.

The Traffic Chief said, “The east coast road presently, is about three times or four times, the width, of the previous old road. And so pedestrians are using the same road and they cannot get from one end to the other end ad they were doing previously on the old road.”




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