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The opposition says it will not attend Tuesday’s budget hearing. This is due to its stand on what the budget represents for the Guyanese people.

“During the debate and consideration of the estimates we made it clear that the budget ignored the poor and average man and woman of Guyana and will make life more difficult.” Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon said.

He maintained that the 2020 budget is defective, divisive and deceptive.

Now that we have completed the Budget Debate and completed a considerable amount of the consideration of the Estimates, APNU+AFC Coalition’s initial reaction to the budget has been confirmed and vindicated. This Budget is defective, divisive and deceptive.” Harmon said.

The opposition stated that the budget was passed despite several interventions APNU+AFC made about “breaches of the law and the biased allocation of the financial resources of this country”.

The opposition said “Today, Tuesday 29th September the PPP intends to lay bills concerning measures which we have exhaustively debated over ten days in the National Assembly.”

“While the PPP fiddles to find millions for their friends and family, the Henry, Singh and hundreds of families like theirs, are denied justice. It is a shame!” The opposition said.

The party stated that the APNU+AFC will not be part of “another attempt by the PPP to deceive the Guyanese people.”

“In the circumstance, we believe that the interest of the Guyanese people will not be served by our attendance and further debate on measures in this anti-working classbudget today.”


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