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LIAT airlines, which was forced to close operations in late June, 2020, is said to owe Guyanese authorities more than GYD$80 million.

Director-General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Retired Lt. Col. Egbert Field revealed that LIAT owes his regulatory agency US$996,466.32. The monies owed are reportedly for landing and navigational charges.

Mr. Field says GCAA has put in a claim to the court-appointed LIAT administrator, Mr. Cleveland Seaforth for the bankrupt airline to pay the monies owed.

Spokesman for Ogle Airport Inc; Kit Nascimento also revealed that LIAT also owes Eugene F Correia International Airport GYD$60.5 million dating back to December, 2019.

He says the bulk of the debt is for unpaid Passenger Facilitation Fees collected by LIAT. The remainder is for Landing & Parking Fees, Security Fees and Office Rental. There are also Handling Fees owed to Trans Guyana Airways, as LIAT’s Handling Agent.

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