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The Guyana Jaguar was drawn to play against power house Guatemala in round one of the Concacaf Gold cup 2021 Tournament. The inaugural draw, done virtually, was held in Miami, Florida, on Monday, September 28 at 20:00hrs and streamed on multiple channels.

Head Coach of the Guyana Senior Men’s National Team Márcio Máximo, following the Concacaf Gold Cup Draw last evening, which saw Guyana being pegged with Guatemala in the preliminary round.

Máximo said, will approach the game with confidence even though a large Guatemala fan base is expected at the match: “We have a chance to qualify, of course. We have changed the style of the team. The team is faster in offensive transition and we have done some improvement in the defensive structure to have more consistency. We will have to reduce the pace of the game for Guatemala and I think if we do good marking with a good, solid defensive system, we can have a surprise for Guatemala. Why not? We will approach the match with confidence.”

Head coach of the jaguars further stated “that Guyana remains competitive, good combination of Guyana and international-based players Is necessary to achieve success: “What we are doing in Guyana is real development because we will use our Guyana-based players in the process in good numbers.

Meanwhile President of the Guyana football federation echoed Coach Maximo’s sentiments: “The Guyana Golden Jaguars has had to claw their way through many challenges on and off the field over the years and coming up against Guatemala in the Concacaf preliminary round, is not by any means an insurmountable challenge. We have to respect the quality this team will present on the day but I would say whatever we lack in quality – we will surely make up with courage and grit.


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