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In observance of Amerindian Heritage Month 2020, President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, on Sunday last paid a historic visit to the village of Coomacka, which is some 15 miles from Linden, and presented football equipment, including footballs, boots, bibs and cones to the Coomacka United Football Club.

Welcoming the GFF President and team, which included the President of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), Terrence Mitchell, former National Coach, Jimmy McLean, former Golden Jaguar Anthony “Awo” Abrams, current Assistant Senior National Coach Charles “Lily” Pollard and GFF Youth Development Officer and former national player, Bryan “Joe Boy” Joseph, was President of the Coomacka United Football Club (CUFC), Renison ‘Suki’ Rawlins.

During the visit, possibly a first for a serving GFF President, Forde commended the club for their spirited performances on the field of play and their strong showing in tournaments organized by the UDFA. The President and executive committee were also lauded for the outstanding job they have been doing in advancing the fortunes of the club as well as being able to mobilise great fan support whenever the team is competing.

In thanking the club and community for their warm welcome, the GFF Head underscored the role of the GFF: “Our core purpose is to serve football and to serve the stakeholders of football. We’re here to listen and to see the opportunity where we can intervene and improve things. To improve a situation from where it might be to where it can be.” Forde, reminiscing on the semi-finals of the last UDFA year-end tournament, said he had witnessed one of the most electrifying atmospheres he would have experienced in recent years:



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