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It seems that Guyana’s Head of State is not too keen on comments made by frontline health workers, with regards to government spending. In fact, the president was quick to defend the government’s move to purchase new vehicles which amount to $95M.

During days of protest actions countrywide, health professionals including doctors and nurses chastised the government for their move to pump millions of dollars into the sugar industry, rather than bettering the lives of health care professionals.

President Ali however took umbrage to the statements. “We have no apologies… were there any solidarity given to those 7000 sugar workers who were without jobs for years?” The president said.

President Ali at the weekend posited that while he understands the immediate concerns of frontline health workers, the situation cannot be looked at from one angle, but rather a wholistic view.

The head of state noted that through housing assistance, and better add-on benefits and risk allowance, front-line workers will benefit from a host of initiatives from the administration.

President Ali noted that Frontline workers will also be recipients of the Government’s GYD$25,000 per household cash grant.

He said, “I have seen requests that are outside of the scope of what the country can afford. For example, I have seen for duty free for nurses, I have seen… then you can go to all categories of workers.”

The President stated that it is not the government’s intention to look at the needs of one class of workers. He posited that despite the opinions expressed by frontline workers, government will continue to play its part in the development of all Guyanese.

“We are committed to ensuring that the prospects of workers are better. And by the end of this five years I can assure the nurses, the doctors, the farmers…everyone will understand the full impact and positive impact for what we have for them in the manifesto for them and their families.” Ali said.


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