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Keith Lowenfield, Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, yesterday voluntarily attended the Criminal Investigation Department Head office upon the invitation of the Police where he was interviewed by officers of the department.

Mr. Lowenfield was accompanied by one of his Attorneys at law.

During the course of the interview the investigating officers invited a PPP female party activist and polling agent to confront Mr. Lowenfield on her analysis of the elections results.

The rest of the interview consisted of inquiries in relation to matter which are currently before the Court.

The arrest of Mr. Lowenfield and the institution of new criminal charge by the State are clearly intended to have an impact on any testimony which Mr. Lowenfield may provide in the Election petition cases.

The unambiguous intention is to have him classified as a tainted witness at the time of any possible testimony in the conduct of the Election Petition cases.

Mr. Lowenfield continues to assert his innocence.

Mr. Lowenfield has always been responsive to any investigation conducted by the Guyana Police force and will remain available to be interviewed in any ongoing investigation.


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