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The APNU-AFC has again registered its disappointment in the government budget plan. During a conference on Friday, the opposition explained that Budget 2020 has turned out to be a “colossal disappointment.”

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon, “It highlights the People’s Progressive Party’s –PPP’s- continued failure to keep its promises to citizens of this nation, especially our men and women in uniform and our hard-working public servants.”

The opposition said it is appalled by the “callous treatment” of “ordinary Guyanese” by the PPP regime, particularly public servants, health care workers, teachers and joint services.

“Now that we have completed the Budget Debate and completed a considerable amount of the consideration of the Estimates, APNU+AFC Coalition’s initial reaction to the budget has been confirmed and vindicated. This Budget is defective, divisive and deceptive.” Harmon said.

Harmon said that Budget 2020 is devoid of any salary increases for public servants. He added that “PPP knows, that Guyana is in its first full year of benefitting from our vast oil resources.” Harmon said that the government made promises of a 50% salary increase for public servants.

“This regime has delivered ZERO. They have proven that their promises are hollow. They have nothing for our public servants while the PPP is splurging an extravagant $95 million, unnecessarily, on new high-end luxury vehicles for Irfan Ali, Bharat Jagdeo and Mark Phillips in the Office of the President. Then we later found another $13M for new vehicles for Mark Phillips, he later explained that this is an off-road vehicle.” Harmon said.


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