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This years Secondary School Entrance Examination top honours went to two students from the public-school system. This year’s top students were Samuel Barcoy of North Georgetown Primary School and Rovin Lall of Stella Maris Primary School. The top students scored 525 marks at this year’s exams.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand during the announcement of this year’s results explained that the performance at this year’s exams, despite the effects of COVID-19 is overall satisfactory. She noted that with only 120 spots each at the top four schools in the nation, she urged other students to not be disappointed in their placements.

The Minister said, “What we say here does not determine who you are, it does not define who you are. It does not say whether you are bright or not bright. It is really that we can’t fit more children into these schools and so the child who gets Brickdam Secondary, should not despair, should not be despondent. You can do as well as the Queens College student. We just don’t have the space. And it’s as simple as that.

She noted that in analyzing the performance at the CXC level, other public schools, apart from the top four, have done exceedingly well. The minister noted that the ministry will take a closer look at those secondary schools who are making strides in passes at the level of CXC.

”Brickdam secondary has a high pass rate in the upper 90s at CXC. That means 90 something percent of the students who writes exams there at CXC pass their exams. Bet you didn’t know that, because everyone told you QC and Bishops are the places you aim for. Nothing is wrong with that you can aim for the sky.” The Minister said.  



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