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As the investigation into the murder of Joel and Isaiah Henry continues, detectives on the case have yet again come up empty handed, as this time, a comb through of the crime scene has left detectives with more questions than answers.

The police in a release stated that “A total of 75 ranks drawn from Region 5, the Major Crimes Unit from CID Headquarters and the Guyana Defence Force led by Region 5 Divisional Commander and a Lt Colonel, and accompanied by Dr. Nehaul Singh, conducted a methdodical search  in the back lands of Nos 2 and 3 Villages between 07:00 hrs and 14:00 hrs on 2020-09-17 for anything of evidential value to the investigation.

It was stated that ranks on the ground also received aerial support via a helicopter from the Guyana Defence Force. But even with the support and time spent on the ground, nothing of evidential value was found. 

The police assured that the investigation continues as the detectives exhaust all leads in search of two suspects and anyone else behind the murders. 


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