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Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo took umbrage to statements made by the opposition during the 2020 budget. The opposition cited that the measures outlined through the budget only benefits the business community. According to Jagdeo, this is not the case put forward by the opposition.

Guyana’s VP said, “We have no apology for removing taxes on machinery and equipment. People do not eat machinery and equipment. When you brought in the bulldozer under APNU, you had to pay over $5M in taxes now it is back to zero.”

He then posited that removal taxes on health and education, on medical supplies, the $15,000 cash grant for students and doubling of the school uniform allowance was all part of the administrations aim to ease the “burden” on Guyanese.

“A key part of the Budget had to be giving stimulus to those areas to ensure that we resume activities in mining, accommodations, forestry, agriculture and fishery so more of our people could be employed.” The VP noted.

Vice President Jagdeo noted however that the private sector will play a key role in economy and job creation.


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