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Opposition Chief Whip Christopher Jones in his presentation wasted no time in lambasting the government on what he calls and visionless budget which was presented last week in the national assembly.

Jones said, “This budget, front to back, top to bottom, left to right, is devoid of vision and it will bring punishment and agony for the people. In their haste to disassociate with everything APNU+AFC, the PPP has dispensed with VISION. but they have never been a part of vision”

Jones then drew reference to the coalitions 2015 budget, arguing that it provided hope for Guyanese. He noted that it materialized into tangible development for the people of Guyana. He noted that in the PPP’s budget, its “friends and families within the private sector” stands to benefit significantly.

The Chief Whip said, “When you compare the budget to their manifesto. Like a 50% increase for public servants, the free University education, a $50,000 cash grant, and the one-month non-taxable bonus.”

Jones also called out the government for their non-traditional approach in who presents the budget. “Instead of a real Minister of Finance, we are saddled with a fake Minister of Finance who read the budget. the only experience perhaps he has is collecting tithes in Church.” Jones said.

And added that. “It appears as though the Minister of Health has been excommunicated, shut out from the budget. No input from him in terms of COVID Recovery Plan can be detected.”

Jones concluded with the words of the late Television Broadcaster Larry Alexander “the pages in this document feature nothing more than Pota Pota la Poop ”.


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