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It seems detectives on the case in relation to the highly publicized Ponzi Scheme are finding it difficult to locate where the couple might have hidden millions of dollars that they allegedly scammed from more than one hundred persons.

Attorney General Anil Nandlall said, “All of the information provided by the arrested persons as to where the monies are supposed to be have been fully investigated and have led to nowhere. The accounts given and the companies that were provided that were supposed to be holding this money in various countries, upon investigations, none of these companies have been found to be existed and none of the accounts have been found.”.

The couple however is expected to face a money laundering investigation.

“An account was opened at a Commercial Bank and to date not a cent has been returned to that account. He then said he wanted access to a computer so that he can do certain transactions on that computer that ought to bring back the money. He was provided with that computer yet no money came back.” Nandlall said.

According to the AG, the main objective of the money laundering probe is to have monies invested returned to the victims of the crime. However detectives have had no luck.


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