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A 30-year-old boat owner and Captain of Kumaka Waterfront and his three-man crew were the latest victims of an act of piracy which reportedly took place in the North West District. The captain and crew were reportedly on a fishing trip.

The police said, “The crew was awakened by the sound of men onboard the vessel, after which they saw five men, two of whom were armed with long guns, and all clad in what appeared to be military uniforms and speaking a foreign language.

The Guyana Ledger understands that the men took control of the vessel and forced the crew to the bow, where they remained for about 24hrs. The suspects also brought their belongings onboard from a wooden boat they tied to the captured vessel.

While in control of the said vessel, this online news also understands that the suspects spotted other boats in the area and all left in pursuit of them. They relieved the crew of one Plum cell phone without sim card valued GYD$16,000. They also ordered the crew not to move.

Shortly after, the suspects disembarked the vessel and left in the small boat, the owner started the vessel and proceeded to the open ocean to avoid being followed by the pirates. Today, about 05:40 hrs, the captain and his crew went to the Mabaruma Police Station and made a report. The police said.

The crew also handed over the suspects’ belongings to the police.


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