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The much anticipated 2020 budget debates got underway Monday morning, as APNU-AFC Member of Parliament Raphael Trotman wasted no time lambasting the administrating about its 2020 budget, “Our Plan for Prosperity”.

Trotman added,No Houdini or illusionist could conjure up a $330 B budget if indeed the treasury was empty. It is sickening to hear the untruth being repeated over and over that the APNU+AFC left the country bankrupt. Far from it, tell me where you found the money to produce a budget in thirty days.”

Trotman expounded that it was expected that the national budget would adequately address the two immediate issues Guyana currently is dealing with. He brought to the attention of Parliament what he claims are the Illegalities/statutory breaches to pass a budget.

The opposition MP expounded, For the Constitutional Agencies in clear violation of the precepts of the Financial Management and Accountability (Amendment) Act of 2015… This Act clearly states the procedure the be adopted by the Minister of Finance (presuming one is appointed), the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Clerk of the National Assembly, and the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.”

Trotman also spared no expense when he touched on several key aspects of Guyana’s development from 2015 to 2019, adding that Some would want to believe that Guyana was the most destitute country in the world. It is a shame that people who call themselves patriots would indulge in such reckless misrepresentations”.

The debate became heated, as Minster of Labour Joseph Hamilton rose to rebut statements made by Trotman, “Man is not judged by what they say but what they do… I am sure none of the people on this side of the house have barber chairs in their houses.”

while calling out the Former President David Granger and opposition leader Joseph Harmon for causing an uproar in WCB when they visited. He even called them out for trying and steal the government and even targeted the opposition chief whip, Christopher Jones, by saying “I am sure none of the people on this side of the house have barber chairs in their house”.


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