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The Guyana Police Force on Monday night said that the probe into the murder of teens Joel and Isaiah Henry is still “actively” ongoing.  The force stated that investigators assigned to the probe are “committed” to discovering the truth about the circumstances surrounding this gruesome murder.

The force against this backdrop confirmed that all the suspects that were previously arrested were released and placed on bail. They are required to make scheduled visits at the Blairmount Police Station. Two additional suspects are being sought.

The force in a lengthy statement said, “Preliminary findings showed that the bodies of the Henry boys were discovered at a secondary crime scene.  Meaning that the heinous murders were not committed where the bodies were found. Person(s) moved the bodies after the murder and placed them at the locations where they were subsequently discovered.”

It further noted that forensic evidence was discovered at the said area. DNA were collected preserved and submitted to the Guyana Forensic Laboratory for an analysis to be conducted. DNA samples were also collected from the suspects who were in custody and sent for a comparative analysis to be conducted against the forensic evidence collected from the secondary crime scene. 

The police said that results are expected within three weeks.

Detectives are however in search of the primary crime scene “which would greatly assist in the probe as the primary crime scene will have an abundance of evidence linking the perpetrators to the crime. The investigators are all actively following up every lead and information received from members of the public who have come forward to assist investigators.”


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