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Scores of family and friends of Joel and Isaiah Henry attended a special home-going service for the late Joel and Isaiah Henry at Parade Ground on Sunday in Georgetown. There, in their remarks, the family called for justice to be served, as one week later there has been no charges.

Dr. Nicollete Henry, who spoke on behalf of the Henry family at a special memorial service at Parade Ground on Sunday morning. Henry expressed anguish, stating that since the death of her relatives, the family is still trying to come to grips with the senseless murder of the teens.

“They lost their lives and I say loss because their deaths is another example of brutal and evil our society can be. It is a frightening reminder of the prejudice and inequality that exist in Guyana. And if you think otherwise then quite frankly you would have already lost touch with reality. Dr. Henry said.

She further lamented that after one week, the police has been unable to charge anyone with the crime, despite arresting more than half a dozen persons in connection with the murder of the teens.

“As I stand here, one week later, no one has been charged, as yet, for these gruesome crimes. We the family, all we are asking for is justice for our boys. Right now! Justice delayed is justice denied.” Dr. Henry lamented.

Chairman of the People’s National Congress Reform Volda Lawrence called on the Guyana Police Force to swiftly and accurately find the culprits behind the gruesome murders. She noted that they should be dealt with in a condign manner.


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