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Police are investigating the alleged murder committed on Lunisa Peters, age 24 years, unemployed of Lot 97 Supenaam Public Road and formally of Golden Fleece, Essequibo Coast which occurred on Wednesday 09th September 2020 about 23:30hrs at the said address by a male, age unknown, of Golden Fleece Essequibo Coast.

Investigation revealed that the deceased and the suspect had a common law relationship and were living together until they separated when the deceased moved and went to her aunt’s house at Supenaam, Essequibo Coast.

Enquiries disclosed that on the date and time mentioned above, the suspect visited the home where the deceased was staying and was invited into the house where they sat in a chair. However, while sitting, the deceased’s phone rang and she answered same when the suspect heard a male’s voice on the other end and became annoyed, snatched the deceased by her hair and dragged her into the kitchen where he grabbed a knife, took her to the bathroom and dealt her several stab wounds.

The deceased’s aunt having heard the commotion, raised an alarm after which the suspect ran out the house and made good his escape on foot.

Checks were made for suspect but he wasn’t found.

The police were summoned and responded where the observed the motionless body of the victim. The body was examined for injuries where several stab wounds about the head and body were observed and a knife and a rolling pin with suspected blood stains were observed at the scene.

The body was later escorted to the Suddie Public Hopsital where it was seen and examined by a Doctor on duty and pronounced dead. It was then escorted to the Suddie Hospital Mortuary, awaiting a post mortem examination.

Investigations are ongoing.



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