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The authorities issued the following statement in relation to the events which are currently unfolding on the West Coast of Berbice .

“The Chief of Staff (ag) and the Commissioner of Police (ag) visited the West Berbice area to meet the bereaved relatives of Joel and Isaiah Henry and to have a firsthand appreciation of activities on the ground, as well as to assess the issue of welfare of the ranks. 

Additionally Four out of the seven suspects that was taken into custody have been released on station bail, since their 72 hours detention period has elapse they are now required to report to the station tomorrow.

Subsequently, met the relatives of the Haresh Singh, who was murdered during the said morning of September 10th, 2020.

No one has so far been arrested in relation to Haresh Singh.  However, four persons were arrested for the murder of Pritipaul Hargobin, who was killed by protestors at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice in the afternoon of Wednesday 10th September, 2020.

Additionally, based on the assessment of the operations, added resources were deployed to the West Berbice area in furtherance of the maintenance of law and order and facilitation of unhindered flow of traffic in the area.

Further, despite attacks by protestors on members of the Joint Services, the ranks have been able to clear the stretches of roads that were blocked along West Coast Berbice and East Coast Demerara, which facilitated the free flow of traffic as of today, 10th September, 2020.

The Heads of Joint Services also wish to inform the public that the Police is in receipt of reports and evidence of assault on members of the public, and have since arrested three persons, and will continue in their efforts to arrest and prosecute others who were identified breaking the law.

The Joint Services would like to reassure the citizenry that it will continue to maintain law and order and ensure the unimpeded flow of traffic along the West Berbice corridor.”


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