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Message To The Nation from Guyana Congregational Union

On Saturday, September 05, 2020, two cousins, Joel and Isaiah Henry, age 19 and
16 years, respectively, left their parents’ home at No. 3 Village, West Coast
Berbice, to go to the backdam to pick coconuts. They did not return home and they
never will. On Sunday evening, their mutilated bodies were found by members of a
search party who had embarked on a second attempt to find them. Their bodies
were found at a location far removed from the place where they were killed, as
there were no signs of blood at this spot, according to the father of one of the boys.
These brutal and beastly killings sent shock waves across the villages along the
West Coast of Berbice and across the country as a whole. Numerous questions
have been asked for which answers would be difficult to ascertain. What was in the
minds of those who were involved in the killings? What offence were these lads
guilty of that they should suffer such painful and horrific death? Such acts raise
questions about our humanness. How can human beings be so cruel to other human
beings? These killings take us back to the time when slaves were treated in a
similar way. Didn’t those lives matter? Imagine the pain which the mothers,
especially, are experiencing for their sons who some would describe as, “not yet
having lost their mother’s features.”
Note is also sadly taken of Mahendra Ramnarine, age 18 years, who was beaten
and injured, and Orlando Jonas (29 years) and Haresh Singh (17 years) who were
killed – all since the weekend.
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The Guyana Congregational Union takes this opportunity to extend sincere
condolences to the parents and family members on the tragic and unfortunate
demise of these young lives, and prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured
As the popular saying goes, “who feels it knows it.” We can understand the hurt
that these killings have created in the minds of many people and the desire to want
to give vent to their feelings. However, may we heed the words of Barbadian
singer, John King, “How many more?”
The “burning and looting” will not bring the boys back to life. While it is the
divine right of each of us to protest, it is our belief that protesting can be done in a
less destructive manner. We appeal to those who are currently involved in, or
contemplating destructive actions to desist from causing harm to others. The truck
driver who sustained injuries to his face should not have been so harmed. These
actions are not helpful. When we attack each other in this way we are similarly
guilty as those who killed Joel, Isaiah, Orlando and Haresh, and injured Mahendra
and the truck driver. Fellow Guyanese, let good sense prevail! Let peace prevail!
Let love prevail.
As a Christian church, Guyana Congregational Union does not condone or support
such actions. Like other organizations and agencies, the church condemns all acts
of crime and violence.
PLEASE…………., we sincerely implore everyone to let sustained peace reign in
our beautiful country of this sovereign Republic of Guyana.
May God bless us all!



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